How Our Cleaning Product Works 

Since 2011 I inherited the base formula and it was designed as one product to clean everything. I have had to develop it working with my chemist from an aggressive chemical to a more natural plant based product.

How It Works

It is a very clever chemical that harnesses the power of physics and chemistry to provide the perfect cleaning solution.

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Back Ground Science 

The systematic killing of 99% of surface bacteria allows the 1% of super bugs to survive, this causes virus driven pandemics like covid 19 that are resistant to disinfectants and antibiotics. 


Bacteria and viruses can create and use surface biofilm that protects thriving colonies and allows them to use disinfectants as a food source once the disinfectants deactivate after a couple of hours or days.


 Research google you will find biofilm is a main source of surface contact transmission infections and 85% of viruses are transmitted by contact, not airborne.


The pandemic will never end till we treat high traffic areas like supermarket trolley handles in the proper way, and no one is doing this.


Electrostatic cleaning is thought to be much more efficient creating a wrap round  clean.


Electrostatic spray guns are hailed as the new messiah of cleaning but my product needs no gun, bodysuit or respirator to apply this system, it is built into the chemical.


Delia Canning head of NHS cleaning and infection control has got the same or better surface test results after a 15 minute clean with Clean and protect.


Clean and protect technology costs a matter of pence compared to thousands spent on fogging or electrostatic cleaning, this  usually involves the use of unstable or unsuitable surface treatment for this cleaning method.


The solution to stopping the spread of these organisms is to combat them at source similar to the defence system created by friendly bacteria.


This is done by applying a plant based solution to the surface that removes the biofilm that protects the virus, purges very deeply into the surface creating an almost perfect clean,


A perfect clean is  almost impossible using conventional methods, because the biofilm prevents this.


The product creates a force field that repels the invading bacteria and viruses and will not allow them to settle, for days, weeks and even months after the initial treatment.


With no habitat to form in and no food and no way of transmitting themselves onto the surfaces the viruses and bacteria become extinct.

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